The Joyous Occasion of the Birth of the Third Grandson of Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ V(aa)

“Give them good fortune, grant them firm faith and prosperity.”

The Joyous Occasion of the Birth

of the Third Grandson of

Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa

It is by the immense Grace and Blessings of Allāh Almighty that on Thursday June 11, 2015, Syedna Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa and Hazrat Syeda Amatul Subūh Sāḥiba were blessed with their third grandson, as respected Sāḥibzada Mirzā Waqas Ahmad Sāḥib and respected Syeda Hibbatur Ra’uf Sāḥiba were blessed with their third son. Huzoor Anwaraa named the newborn child as ‘Imad Ma‘uz Ahmad. The newborn child is also the grandson of Dr. Syed Taseer Mujtaba, son of respected Dr. Syed Ghulam Mujtaba, and respected Syeda Amatul Ra’uf daughter of respected Syed Daud Muzaffar Shah Sāḥib and respected Sāḥibzādi Amatul Hakeem Begum Sāḥiba.

‘Imad Ma‘uz Ahmad is another proof to the prophecy of the Promised Messiahas: “From one shall become thousands devoted to the Lord.”

On behalf of all members of Jamā‘at Aḥmadīyya Canada, the Aḥmadīyya Gazette Canada would like to congratulate Syedna Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa , respected Begum Sāḥiba, respected Sāḥibzāda Mirzā Waqas Ahmad, his wife respected Hibbatur Ra’uf Sāḥiba, respected Sāḥibzādi Amatul Warith Farah Sāḥiba, respected Fateh Ahmad Khan Dahri Sāḥib, and respected Dr. Syed Taseer Mujtaba Sāḥib along with his entire family, and every single member from the family of the Promised Messiahaa on this joyous occasion!

At the same time we pray that may Allāh Almighty grant dear ‘Imad Ma‘uz Ahmad a healthy and prosperous life, full of unlimited happiness in all worldly and spiritual matters! May He bestow upon him His countless Blessings and Mercy! May He grant him a long life and enable him to be a recipient of all the Promised Messiah’sas prayers for his progeny! Amīn!