124th Jalsa Sālāna Qādiān Concludes



Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa addresses over 24,000 participants in Qādiān and London

December 29, 2015 - The World Head of the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalīfa, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa, concluded the 124th Annual Convention (Jalsa Sālāna) of the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community in Qādiān, India, on December 28, 2015 with a faith-inspiring address.   

His Holinessaa addressed the final session via satellite link from the Baitul Futūḥ Mosque in London. Over 19,000 people, from 44 countries, attended the Jalsa in Qādiān, while more than 5,000 gathered in London for the concluding session. 

During his address, His Holinessaa spoke of how the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community had always been supported by God Almighty, and so, despite the sustained persecution it has faced in certain parts of the world, it has continued to grow and flourish. 

The Khalīfaaa began by stating that modern technology allowed him and those gathered in London to participate in Qādiān’s annual convention, and that this was a great blessing of God Almighty. Moreover, he said technology was proving to be a means of spreading the true message of Islām to all parts of the world. 

Whilst the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community is utilizing modern technology to spread Islāmic values of peace, tolerance and respect, His Holinessaa said that there are others who are using modern technology to spread evil and disorder.  

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

Where there is goodness, there is also evil and immorality and cruelties of the highest order are being perpetrated in today’s world. Modern technology is being abused by many in order to spread satanic influences and injustice and as a result mankind is moving away from God and true faith. Today, it is only the satellite channel of the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community, MTA International, that is broadcasting peace, righteousness and virtue 24 hours a day in accordance with the true teachings of God Almighty and the Holy Prophet Muḥammadsa.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa continued by saying:

We Aḥmadī Muslims must never allow new technology to deviate us from the path of righteousness; rather, we must use it to enhance our spiritual and moral standards and to increase our love for God and the Holy Prophetsa and to increase our relationship of love towards the Promised Messiahas.  

The Khalīfaaa said that despite the limited resources of the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community, MTA has become a means to further develop the unique bond between the institution of Khilāfat and Aḥmadī Muslims around the world.  

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

Other groups or individuals have so much wealth and unlimited resources and yet which country or which other religious leader has a direct link with his followers across the globe on such a large scale. This favour has only been granted to the Community established by the Promised Messiahas.  

Further elaborating on the unifying force of Khilāfat in the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

With the Grace of Allāh, the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community has spread throughout the world. It has spread in the West and in the East. It has spread in the North and in the South. It has spread to Africa, to Asia, to Europe, to the Americas, to Australia and across the globe to all Islands. All Aḥmadī Muslims, wherever they are, are united together under one banner. Today, the voice of the Khalīfa of the Time echoes in all directions as a living sign of the Oneness of God and is spreading the message of true Islām to all parts of the world. 

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa continued by saying:

Truly fortunate are those people who are sitting in Qādiān, the home of the Promised Messiahas, partaking in the unique spiritual atmosphere of the Annual Convention and listening to the words of this humble servant, the Khalīfa of the Promised Messiahas. Further, Aḥmadī Muslims in all parts of the world are also watching these proceedings live. Regardless of whether it is day or night or morning or evening, Aḥmadī Muslims in all parts of the world are united watching the scenes from Qādiān and partaking in its spirituality. 

His Holinessaa said that despite extreme opposition, the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community is spreading rapidly. Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa noted how this progress was in accordance with the prophecies of the Promised Messiahas, who received revelations from God Almighty informing him that people from all parts of the world would join his community in very large numbers.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

There was a time when no one knew of the Promised Messiahas nor of Qādiān, but today, people from dozens of countries have come to attend the Jalsa in Qādiān. Certainly, every single person sitting in Qādiān is a sign of the truth of the Promised Messiahas

His Holinessaa said that whilst in early Islām it was the Arab people who had first spread the teachings of Islām with great wisdom, regrettably they had now forgotten the true teachings of the Holy Qur’ān and the Holy Prophet of Islāmsa when it came to Aḥmadīyyat. 

Huzooraa said that rather than acting with wisdom, they were insistent that the Promised Messiahas was, God forbid, a false prophet. They supported their claims by stating that this was also the view of so-called clerics in Pakistan and India. His Holinessaa said that despite such opposition, each year hundreds of thousands of righteous people, including many Arabs, were being divinely guided towards the truth of Aḥmadīyyat.  

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that, “It is now the task of the Arab people to re-establish within themselves that same knowledge and wisdom which their ancestors bore and to spread the truth of the Promised Messiahas throughout the Arab world.”

Concluding, His Holinessaa mentioned a terrorist attack perpetrated against the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community in Bangladesh a few days earlier and also the recent martyrdom of an Aḥmadī Muslim in Kyrgyzstan.

In light of these incidents, His Holinessaa urged Aḥmadī Muslims across the world to remain vigilant to the threat of extremism and terrorism and prayed that Allāh the Almighty may protect all members of the community. 

The session concluded with silent prayers followed by various poems recited by attendees in Qādiān over satellite link.