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The Need for the Imām

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmad, Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa


The following is a summary of the Friday Sermon delivered by Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa on March 22, 2013. It is an edited version of the synopsis from

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Guidance on Majlis Shūrā

By the Grace of Allāh, Jamā‘at Aḥmadiyya Canada will be holding its 40th National Majlis Shūrā from April 22 to 24, 2016. Representatives from all parts of Canada will be arriving to attend this blessed event, which (this year) would also include election of Office-Bearers. In light of this, portions of a Friday Sermon delivered on March 12, 2004 by His Holiness Ḥazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaaarepresentedforthereaders, whichcovertheresponsibilitiesofthemembersofMajlisShūrā.

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New Indian High Commissioner Welcomed at Aiwān Ṭāhir

S.H. Hadi

Jamā‘at Aḥmadīyya Canada has always had a cordial relationship with the Indian High Commission Office in Canada. There is almost no need to mention the community’s love of, and ties to, the great city of Qādiān, the birth place of the beloved Imām and Promised Messiahas, from where the world came to know of Islām Aḥmadīyyat. As Qādiān holds a special place in the hearts of Aḥmadīs, the Jamā‘at’s relationship with the High Commission of India is of great importance.

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Financial Sacrifices - National Mosque Fund

Lal Khan Malik Ṣāḥib, Amīr Jamā‘at Aḥmadiyya Canada

When contributing towards the building of a House of Allāh, one is actually building a home in Paradise. For its 50 year Anniversary, Jamā‘at Aḥmadiyya Canada has also pledged to offer a very special gift to Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa – the gift of building new mosques.

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Fasting in Abnormal Timings

By the Grace of Allāh, the blessed month of Ramaḍān will be starting on June 6, 2016. In these days, the prayers and fast timings in the northern most cities of Canada will differ from other cities. The majority of the area is above the 50 degrees line of latitude, and for this reason during the course of the year, in summer the nights become very short, while in winter the days become very short.

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Building of Mosques - An Aḥmadī Priority

Friday Sermon Delivered on May 17, 2013

In his last visit to Canada, Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa delivered guidance on the subject of building mosques on the occasion of the Baitur Rahmān Mosque Inauguration in Vancouver, Canada. The following are extracts from the Friday Sermon delivered on May 17,2013 highlighting importance of building mosques for Aḥmadīyya Muslim Jamā‘at, and its crucial role in this age. These are revised extracts from

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