Financial Sacrifices - National Mosque Fund

Lal Khan Malik Ṣāḥib, Amīr Jamā‘at Aḥmadiyya Canada

When contributing towards the building of a House of Allāh, one is actually building a home in Paradise. For its 50 year Anniversary, Jamā‘at Aḥmadiyya Canada has also pledged to offer a very special gift to Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa – the gift of building new mosques.


Three mosques are currently under construction in Regina, Saskatoon and Lloydminster. Construction of the Brampton Mosque will be starting soon. Likewise, acquisition of another building in Brampton to be used as a mosque is under negotiations. In addition, our Baitul Hanīf Mosque in Toronto East needs to be rebuilt. Collectively, these projects require about $28 million.

Members of the Jamā‘at are requested to pray that Allāh Almighty may remove every obstacle in the building of these mosques! May Allāh enable us to contribute generously for these mosques! And may He enable us to complete them in a timely and excellent manner! Amīn!

By the Grace of Allāh, the construction activity is now moving rapidly. As such, there is an urgent need to turn our attention towards increasing our pledges and starting payments in the National Mosque Fund (NMF).

On November 11, 2005, our beloved Imām, Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīḥ Vaa stated the importance of building of mosques in foreign countries:

During our days of adolescence, one of the contribution heads listed in Taḥrīk Jadīd was Foreign Mosques. Usually, when children were given some cash amount by the elders in celebration of passing the exams, the children would be sure to offer some amount of chanda in this head (i.e. Foreign Mosques); otherwise, they would contribute towards it from their allowance or pocket expense.

Then, Huzoor Anwaraa further said:

If every year, the auxiliary organizations and the Jamā‘at draws their attention to offer Chanda in this contribution head, at the occasion of passing their exams, not only will they be developing the habit of financial sacrifices for building the House of Allāh, they would also be building a bright future by absorbing the Grace and Blessings of Allāh! If parents also educate their kids and strongly encourage them, Allāh Almighty would also free them of certain anxieties that they have (for their kids), especially in this environment. (Khutbāt Masroor, Vol. 3, pp. 665-666)  

While members of the Jamā‘at (the men and women) offer financial sacrifices under various contribution heads, they are also requested to contribute in the National Mosque Fund, according to their capacity. Likewise, in their occasions of happiness - such as gaining employment or promotion in career/job, buying a new home, or success of the kids in school/college/university – they can attain the pleasure of Allāh by contributing, according to their means, in this blessed National Mosque Fund. May Allāh enable us to do so! Āmīn!