Injustice Is Root Cause Of World Conflicts


Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa delivers powerful response to false claims that Islām is linked to extremism.

December 15, 2015 - The World Head of the Aḥmadīyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalīfa, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa, has responded to critics of Islām who claim that religion justifies terrorist or extremist acts. The Khalīfaaa made the comments during his Friday Sermon on December 11, 2015.

During his address, Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa cited the examples of certain Western politicians and commentators who have falsely alleged that Islām encourages Muslims to engage in extremism and violence.

His Holinessaa said that the evil acts perpetrated by a well-known terrorist group have not only increased fear amongst the general public, but have also created an opportunity for misinformed or anti-Islāmic critics to level false allegations against the teachings of Islām.

His Holinessaa added that the media response to attacks conducted in the name of Islām was entirely different to attacks conducted by non-Muslims.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

Whenever a Muslim does something wrong people immediately blame Islām but if a person of another faith commits a similar act, he is labelled as ‘mentally unstable’. We openly acknowledge that the horrific acts of certain Muslim groups can only be classed as barbaric, however to unfairly target the teachings of the Holy Qur’ān is entirely wrong and unjustified.

His Holinessaa said the teachings of Islām offered no justification or license to those who sought to spread Islām through violence.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

Islām has never taught that people should be converted by force. In the Holy Qur’ān, God Almighty said to the Prophet Muḥammadsa that ‘Had God so desired, all who are on the earth would have believed.’ However God said that it would never happen that all of mankind would become believers and so it is clear that there is no compulsion permitted by Islām.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa continued by saying that

“the Holy Qur’ān categorically states that the sword must never be raised to force people to accept Islām, rather Muslims should attract people to Islām by presenting the beautiful teachings of the religion and through setting the very best moral standards.”

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa cited chapter 43, verses 89-90oftheHolyQur’ān that state: “I swear by his repeated cry ‘O my Lord!’ that these are a people who will not believe. Therefore, turn aside from them, and say, ‘Peace’; and soon shall they know.”

Commenting on this verse, Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

In this verse the Holy Prophetsa was instructed that even after suffering countless wrongs at the hands of disbelievers, his response should only be to say ‘My only message to you is of peace and will continue to be so for the sake of establishing reconciliation.’ Therefore when the Holy Prophetsa himself was instructed to act in this peaceful manner, it is incumbent on all Muslims to forever carry this message and spirit forward.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that a lack of justice and fairness were the root causes of the many conflicts witnessed in the world today.

Highlighting the role of certain major powers in fuelling extremism, Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

Several western media outlets and commentators are now accepting that their own governments played a role in the creation of the extremist Muslim groups due to the effects of the Iraq War or as a result of the Syrian crisis. The root cause of all of these issues is a lack of justice in the world.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa continued by saying:

Where on the one hand the major powers are attempting to defeat the extremists through air strikes, they are also seemingly ignoring those groups or individuals who are trading with the terrorists or providing them with deadly weapons. Thus, the peace of the world is not only being destroyed by the Muslim groups who are acting against Islām, but also by the major powers who prioritize their own interests above others.

Concluding, His Holinessaa said that it is the duty of every Aḥmadī Muslim to spread the true and peaceful teachings of Islām and to work towards peace at all levels of society.

Hazrat Mirzā Masroor Aḥmadaa said that:

Every Aḥmadī Muslim must consider it his or her duty to spread the beautiful and peaceful teachings of Islām. The world at this moment in time is standing on the brink of disaster and so every single Aḥmadī Muslim must make an effort to save the world from destruction.