Introduction to Majlis Ansār Sultānul Qalam

Sultānul Qalam (“King of the Pen”) was the powerful name given to the Promised Messiahas through revelation. It is this very revelation that inspired the initiation of Majlis Anṣār Sultānul Qalam (“Helpers of the King of the Pen”).


The Promised Messiahas writes, “There is peace everywhere; it is with the pen that Islām is being attacked. That is why it is necessary that the pen should be used to rebut the attacks.” (Malfūzāt, Vol. 8, p. 20) This quote of the Promised Messiahas indicates the role that the pen will play in today’s day and age.

Majlis Anṣār Sultānul Qalam (MASQ) was started by Hazrat Muṣleḥ Mau‘ūdra in 1922. The primary objective for MASQ is to defend and propagate the true message of Islām.

In 2011, Hazrat Khalīfatul-Masīh V (may Allāh be his Helper!) has re-laid the importance of MASQ when he stated, “… at this time it is not enough that 200 or 300 Aḥmadī have joined Majlis Anṣār Sultānul Qalam, and entered into the arena of Tablīgh. Instead rather, all of Khuddāmul Aḥmadīyya will need to partake in this, always keeping in mind the ordinance of Allāh to vie with one another in good works.”

MASQ is established under Majlis Khuddāmul Aḥmadīyya Canada. As such, Khuddām from all across Canada have joined this blessed group and have engaged in Jihād of the Pen. The primary mode of operation currently consists of writing to newspapers coast to coast in the form of letters to the editor and opinion editorials.

Some of the recent activities of MASQ can be seen below:

(November 2015 – January 2016)

39 Total Publications (November)
21 Total Publications (December)
17 Total Publications (January)
28 Newspapers

Potential Reach: 6,000,000+

MASQ Opinion Editorials


By the sheer Grace of Allāh, Majlis Anṣār Sultānul Qalam has had a dozen opinion editorials published in the months of December and January – Al-Ḥamdu lillāh! This is an unprecedented achievement considering the level of difficulty having an opinion piece published in renowned newspapers.

Launch of MASQ French Canada

By the Grace of Allāh, in the month of January, Majlis Anṣār Sultānul Qalam successfully launched MASQ French Canada. This team’s duty will be to focus on getting letters and articles published in the French newspapers of Canada. With the launch of this new team within Majlis Anṣār Sultānul Qalam Canada, we will be able to reach over 8.2 million French-speaking Canadians in the province of Quebec. Not only is it a very large audience that has thus far not been reached by us, but also this province of Quebec is where Islām is constantly under attack and suspicion. Indeed, Quebec is where a ban on the Niqāb was proposed recently and gained a lot of public support.

Historic First Ever Publication for MASQ French Canada

Since launch, the team has been working sincerely, and by the sheer Grace of Allah, was blessed with the first ever publication in French on January 23, 2016. Al-Ḥamdu lillāh! It is an op-ed published in La Presse! La Presse is the 3rd biggest newspaper in Canada, slightly behind only the Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star. It has an audience of over 275, 000 on average for any given issue. Al-Ḥamdu lillāh! In some ways this is close to having an op-ed published in Toronto Star.

Another remarkable aspect is that we have not had any letter to the editor published yet, and instead Allāh Ta’la has published an op-ed straight away, which is much harder than a letter, even though it is very difficult to have an op-ed get published even in English despite how many writers and resources we have in English.

By the sheer Grace of Allah, MASQ is now reaching a new height. Five years in the making, Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam is on the brink of achieving 1000 publications! This paramount achievement is solely due to the Grace of Allah, and the tireless efforts of young passionate Khuddam eager to defend and propagate the true teachings of Islam. This record setting 1000 publications includes potent publications in Canada’s most read newspapers including the Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, National Post, among others.

Over the past few years MASQ has been published in newspapers all across the country, collectively reaching millions of Canadians on multiple occasions making an everlasting impact. On this blessed occasion, MASQ will be hosting regional conferences all across the country, leading up to the National MASQ Summit, which will take place in March at Baitul Islam Mosque.