Seekers of Companionship of The Promised Messiah(as)

Seekers of Companionship of The Promised Messiahas
Summary of Friday Sermon Delivered on May 4, 2012

On May 4, 2012, Ḥaḍrat Khalīfatul Masīḥ Vaa delivered the Friday Sermon at Baitul Futūḥ, London.

Ḥuḍūraa quoted accounts related by the Companionsra of the Promised Messiahas that show their zeal, passion and love for the Promised Messiahas and how eager they were to visit Qādiān and see the Promised Messiahas.

Ḥuḍūraa said that Mian Muḥammad Zahuruddin ṣāḥib relates, “Once we reached Qādiān and were in the presence of the Promised Messiahas, we would forget everything else. We never liked to be separated from him. It was nothing but sheer Divine Grace that He caused worthless people like us to be born in this blessed age, and led us to his blessed presence.” Ḥaḍrat Haji Muḥammad Musa ṣāḥib would regularly travel from Lahore to Qādiān to offer Jumu‘a prayer. He would cover twenty-two miles from Batala to Qādiān and back on bicycle. Ḥaḍrat Mian Zahuruddin ṣāḥib says, “When the Promised Messiahas arrived in Masjid Mubarak it seemed as if the sun had risen to its zenith. By God, his beauty was far greater than I had anticipated. I was completely satisfied after beholding his enlightened countenance. All other beautiful faces paled in comparison to his.”

Ḥaḍrat Sheikh Abdul Karim ṣāḥib relates that once the Promised Messiahas said, “People think that since they have seen the Promised Messiah and pledged allegiance of Bai‘at to him, it is enough for them to be forgiven, whereas it is the prayer, Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help, that can guarantee the ultimate success. I have only come to show the path and so have I done.”

Ḥaḍrat Dr. Umar Din ṣāḥib said, “I was so eager to shake hands with the Promised Messiahas that I would often elbow my way through the jostling crowd to reach him, yet my desire would not satiate.”

Ḥaḍrat Dr. Abdullah ṣāḥib is reported to have said he used to save money so he could make frequent visits to Qādiān to benefit from the blessed company of the Promised Messiahas. Ḥaḍrat Mian Charagh Din ṣāḥib relates, “When I saw the Promised Messiahas, I became convinced that this can never be the countenance of a liar, so I immediately took Bai‘at.”

Ḥaḍrat Munshi Qāḍī Mahboob Alam ṣāḥib set out to Qādiān on account of a blessed vision. He said, “My first meeting with the Promised Messiahas took place just in front of the door of Gol Kamra. The moment I saw the Promised Messiahas I recognized that he was the same holy person I had seen in the dream and that he was true in his claim. I embraced him, started crying uncontrollably and could not stop for quite some time. Ḥuḍūr continued to soothe me with the advice, ‘Be patient, be patient.’ Ḥuḍūr asked me where I had come from. I replied that I am from Lahore. Then he asked, ‘For what purpose?’ I replied, ‘Only to see you.’ He asked if there was any other purpose. I answered, ‘No, I have come only to see you.’ The Promised Messiahas said, ‘Some people come to ask me to pray for their various needs. Do you have any need of that sort?’ I humbly replied, ‘I have no need.’ Then Ḥuḍūr said, ‘Congratulations! Such selfless visit to men of God is greatly beneficial.’”

Ḥuḍūraa also quoted certain faith-enhancing accounts related by Ḥaḍrat Dr. Syed Ghulam Goth ṣāḥib, Ḥaḍrat ṣāḥib Din ṣāḥib, Ḥaḍrat Ch. Ghulam Rasul Basra ṣāḥib, Ḥaḍrat Malik Barkatullah ṣāḥib son of Ḥaḍrat Malik Niaz Muḥammad ṣāḥib and Ḥaḍrat Malik Ghulam Farid ṣāḥib Muhajir, may Allāh be pleased with them all.

In conclusion, Ḥuḍūraa said that these are the accounts of those who were eager to meet and see the Promised Messiahas. They faced hardships in this cause, but those harships seemed so small in comparison to the great benefits derived from the Promised Messiahas and his blessed company always increased them in their faith.

Ḥuḍūraa concluded, “May Allāh enable us not only to take delight in hearing these accounts, but also to increase in our faith.” Āmīn.