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When submitting any articles to be considered for publication in Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada, please ensure the following:

1. Always put your full name, full mailing address including country and email address on the front page of your article. Please also provide a contact telephone phone number with the area code.

2. Please ensure that the article is fully referenced. Referencing does not only apply to quotes but also applies to any ideas or arguments you have taken from other sources. References must include the following:
- Title of work (book, article etc)
- Author: Surname and initials
- Year of Publication
- Publisher
- Country/City of publication
- In the case of scripture, state the chapter and verse or equivalent thereof.

3. The words should follow the USA or Canada spellings.

4. Articles should avoid use of lengthy quotes – it is better to use specific elements and then describe their context and significance. Articles that make excessive use of lengthy quotes are unlikely to be published.

5. If web references must be used, please capture the date that the website was viewed as the content can change. Articles that rely excessively on websites as the primary source for references will not be published.

6. Maps, diagrams and images can be incorporated in the article where they enhance the article. If you do not have access to royalty free graphics or images, either insert a sample of one and ask for similar to be generated, or describe the content that needs to be included and we will do our best to generate the appropriate graphics for you. The source of all images used must be stated and it must not if they are copyright free.

7. The Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada welcomes debate and articles on any aspect of faith or belief but views expressed must be done so within the bounds of decency and respect.

8. Any mention of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) must be followed by (saw) and mention of all other prophets must be followed by (as).

All articles must be the author’s own original work and by submitting an article to Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada the author is granting full rights to the Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada for publication in Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada. Additionally, unless otherwise specified on submission, the author is giving Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada full editorial control over the article. The Editorial Board may seek to amend the article as it sees fit whilst seeking to retain the meaning implied by the author.

Please note by submitting the article it does not guarantee to be published in the Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada. The decision not to publish an article is upto the Editorial board of Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada without any notice.

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